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Grateful for where I live


It's amazing how quickly your world can turn on it's axis.  I woke up today and felt great, walked into my office this morning humming a little tune and thinking...."Yup, glad it's Friday".  Then, (because I apparently live in a bubble), I get a call telling me that Japan got hit with an earthquake (8.9) and then a tsunami.  Now.....that kind of news is devastating enough, but when you actually know someone who lives there....well that just brings it all that much closer to home.  So I went from humming a little diddy to full blown panic mode. 

Thankfully I am back to an even keel at the moment because my nephew, his wife and their 2 month old son are safe and all of their family and friends are as well.  

I will continue to pray for those that are affected, including those in Hawaii as well who were also hit with the tsunami.

I may complain about the snow and the cold...but never again....I'll take it over earthquakes, tornados, mud slides, or tsunamis any day.

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Wayward Son

Rain, Rain, Go Away...you're making me tired!

I can't believe how tired I am.  Of course it could be because I have averaged 3.5 hours of sleep each night for the past four nights - damn work.  Also, standing in line at midnight in order to obtain a stupid video game for someone as a gift, didn't help.  The weather doesn't help either.

Oh well.........

Still can't believe how hooked the H5O fandom has me and I have been trying to work on my third story but I seem to be hitting a snag already.  My second story, Just a Few, moved along very quickly but this third one I can't seem to get right.  I tend to have difficulty with dialogue.  Guess I will just have to watch another episode to get in the mood and see if I can be inspired.  At least if inspiration doesn't strike, I will still have enjoyed getting my McDanno fix!
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Got bit hard!

Well, not sure what it is about Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, but they just grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let go.  Not that I'm complaining.  I have never written anything before and yet this weekend I managed to squeeze out two stories.  Don't know if they are worthy of the other writings that are found within the H5O fandom, but I felt pretty good about getting them out there.  Now....to learn how to post them properly and soon!  I do not know HTML at all and I am having trouble posting my stories to community journals.  I can do the LJ cut o.k. in my own journal, but I have trouble with the LJ cuts and linking back to my journal when I post to a community. 

Hopefully I will figure it out soon. 

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H50 Fic: When It Counts

OK. so I have NEVER posted a story, drabble, blurb etc. etc. before and I am really nervous to do so now, but what the heck...nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I apologize right from the start because I know I am probably going to do something wrong in the way this gets posted so my apologies right up front.  I did some searching and really didn't find anything specific as to how to post stories so I am completely winging it.

Hopefully this isn't too terrible.

I got the idea from watching the episode Ho'apono and from a comment that Danny made.  The bunny just wouldn't let me go!

So.....here goes....

Title: When it Counts
Characters: All of them
Rating: PG
Genre: AU
Summary: Alternate ending to episode Ho'apono...based on a comment Danno makes
Disclaimer: Not mine, but I can dream
Not Beta'd, all mistakes, completely mine.


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Wayward Son

Got a bunny that won't let go

Well, I watched this week's episode of H5O and there was a comment made by Danny that for some reason won't let me go so.............I have actually started to put my thoughts down in writing.  Can't wait to finish it.  Just hope I'll be brave enough to post it when I'm done.   Let's see...
1. Finish writing drabble
2. Be brave
3. Post the darn thing
4. Figure out how to post it with Cuts, etc. etc.
5. Try not to die of embarrassment when I'm done
Wayward Son

(no subject)

Well, I haven't done much with this account yet except enjoy the talents of many writers who have some really fantastic fan fiction out there.  Who would of thought two years ago I would have even known what fan fiction was.  Now..........to get brave enough to write something myself.   Heavy sigh!
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Wayward Son

New and Flailing

I started this account in order to comment on a piece of fan fiction that I read.  I have no idea how to utilize LJ or if I really will after this entry.  I have always wanted to write but find that although I may have a ton of ideas for stories, I don't necessarily have the skills to put them in writing.  Other than journal entries....I have no idea what other capabilities are available here and don't know if I will have much time to be here, then again, I never thought I would ever get completely hooked on fan fiction either so who knows.......Here's to exploring LJ!
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